Inclusion and Diversity

Diversity brings benefits, but there are still challenges for inclusion of Lived Experience workers from diverse cultures and experiences.

The Importance of Inclusion and Diversity

Embracing and proactively supporting diversity within the workplace encourages respect for all employees and highlights the strengths diversity can bring.

This is also very important in the context of the Lived Experience workforce, as many of the people accessing services come from diverse cultures and experiences.  

Organisations demonstrate commitment to diversity by proactively recruiting those with diverse experiences, identifications and from diverse cultures. It is important these individuals also have access to supports (e.g., mentoring, allies) that also represent their diverse experiences/culture and the organisation fosters relationships with other organisations and networks which represent diverse perspectives. 

When inclusion and diversity are genuinely valued and supported, the risk of employees experiencing conflict between work and family, cultural or religious requirements, is reduced and organisational commitment increases.